OUR home


Our home is currently home to 25 girls aged 7 to 15 years.


The Crystal Kids home :

It is a large house with 2 floors and a roof terrace with 4 bedrooms from 6 to 8 beds, a refectory / study room, a games room. The home has a large garden where staff and children maintain a vegetable garden and a well which is a major advantage in this country.


The staff :

Our desire is to support local employment.

Crystal Kids employs 4 full-time women who live in the home with the kids:

1 home manager, 2 housekeepers and 1 cook.




1 coordinator responsible for the management of all Saathi’s Children's programs (25% of his time dedicated to Crystal Kids).


1 supervisor managing the staff of the Crystal Kids home and supervising relationships with the school (25% of his time dedicated to Crystal Kids).


1 psychological and educational counselor providing follow-up and psychological support for the children (2 visits / week in our home).


1 Field worker, responsible for identifying children on the streets, liaising with families, and following reintegration when possible.


RGPD  Mentions légales Updated  Dec 30, 2018