OUR partnER IN nEpal

The N.G.O.  Saathi (friends in Nepalese) is our on-site partner in Kathmandu.


Saathi has two essential missions:

The first aims to protect women victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking on the Indian border, in particular by creating awareness-raising, training and reintegration programs.

The second is the management of homes where children are welcomed, cared for, housed, educated and supervised until the end of their studies and their autonomy or their family reintegration when it is possible.

Saathi runs numerous fully-filled children's homes (120 children).

Crystal Kids decided, in 2008, to open an additional home of little girls.

The elimination of injustice and Violence against Women in Nepal and the provision of support to victims and their children.

The elimination of violence and injustice against children and the provision of support to victimized and needy children.

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