OUR actions


Give our protected girls an emotional and reassuring environment, but also ...


A medical and psychological follow-up including annual medical checkup and regular follow-up in case of particular problem.


A schooling program: education in private schools of good level with English learning from an early age.



Extra-curricular activities:


- sports and cultural activities

- Discovery of their country.

- Computer, drawing, art and dance classes.

- Contests of disguise, picnics, zoo visits...


Regular trips to Nepal (no funding by the association):

Every year, at least one of the members of the office goes on site to meet the children, to check with the local staff and to see to the good progress of the project.

Regular communication with our local team: monthly reports (highlights of the month and budget monitoring) and detailed annual report (personal monitoring of the children, school results, possible difficulties encountered, economic and political evolution of the country ...).

Organization of events to raise funds.

Writing of quarterly reports for sponsors and donors.


Travel Reports

RGPD  Mentions légales Updated  Dec 30, 2018